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Thanks junsu and I have got a copy of MyDoom now.

Its MD5 is: 39A7D2BB 5652C9D1 05C0D64A 640C5A9D [UPX unpacked]

Unfortunatelly he said it's not valuable to research it because a previous analyze done by his colleague indicates that this is not a "skilled" worm.

I'll keep this for some time. For security reasons I have denied my own execute privilege of that file.

Why BSD Licence, not GPL?

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I was asked this question in many scenarios. Well, here's the answer. This blob does not intend to have a compare between GPL and BSDL, which is extensively discussed in many places, and basically, GPLers and BSDers all have what the counterpart could not accept.

House of 1000 Corpses

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  片名:千屍屋 House of 1000 Corpses
  編劇/導演:羅布·祖姆比 Rob Zombie
  主演:錫德·海格 Sid Haig
     比爾·莫斯利 Bill Moseley
     莎瑞·穆恩 Sheri Moon
      卡倫·布萊特 Karen Black
      克裏斯·哈德威克 Cheris Hardwick
      艾琳·丹尼爾斯 Erin Daniels
  出品:獅門影業 Lions Gate Films

mydoom spreading

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From my Dr.Web log, it seems mydoom is getting its peak. Today it replaced the Win32.HLLM.Gibe.2, to be the king of virus on my mail server :)

It's to my interest that the virus seemed to be < 32K. So if you have a sample, please send it to me (REMEMBER: Please encrypt it by adding a password in your ZIP or RAR archive, so I will be able to receive it without having the DrWeb to block it.)

Daniel Eischen today committed a new patch and this will make KSE default threading library on FreeBSD!

Today, I saw CSDN announced their RSS 2.0 Feed (UPDATE: weber said that was announced a couple of weeks before), and I rushed into implementing one for Frontfree Technology Network.

RSS Feed is an important feature for modern websites, which permits visitors to "subscribe" the feeds, and syndicate the contents with other websites.

LonghornBlogs?! :-D

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Well, it's out of my surprise to see a website called "LonghornBlogs" when I am looking for a Microsoft implementation of blog engine...

Mr. Ctrl+Alt+Del retires

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From Slashdot: The Ctrl+Alt+Del Inventor, David Bradley, has retired.

An earlier article, The Guy Responsible For Ctrl+Alt+Del, shows a brief story of the combination. He said that this was originally desiginated for debugging, and of course not for a Windows user to input his/her password :)

junsu's new PID allocation code

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I have installed these code on my test box. Well... an automated patch mechanism would be better but the current approach is just ok.

My personal mutt configuration

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Mutt is a text driven Mail User Agent (MUA). It supports many useful features, including IMAP/POP3 (even TLS) support, and it is very neat.

Here is my configuration file.




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发现自己画工越来越次了 :(


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As Che Dong suggested, we will have a new forum that provides a blog style view, which will hopefully attract more visitors. I believed that this is a Good Idea(TM), even while it has some slight difference (seriously, conflicits) with my original design, but I'd adopt this idea, because it's simply better :)

呵呵,实在不知道闹鬼这个词怎么能够贴切地用英文表达,所以,还是老老实实用中文吧,so if you don't understand Chinese, I can't share this blob with you, just learn Chinese like what I did with English :-)

phk's benchmarking hints

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It's important to have a scientific view when doing any benchmarks. Today, phk and Robert Watson has posted several hints to the -current list.

John Baldwin has committed a set of patches to Floppy disk generation and removed some legacy generation scripts. The new generation process makes use of splitfs, and there's a drawback - All pieces of the splitted filesystem must be available when the fs is used.

URL Rewrite under Windows?

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A discussion with junsu has finally result in my implementation of URL rewrite on the reverse proxy instead of IIS. He told me that there's no official implementation of URL Rewrite and he have an ISAPI implementation several weeks ago.

Major changes to www.frontfree.net

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Today I have committed several major changes to existing Frontfree Website System 2.0. This is a "major" change because it is the first time we have utilized Apache's rewrite technology on reverse proxying, which, in other words, is an important change that the reverse proxying technology is going much more mature than it was first taken place.

GB18030 support

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From the ChangeLog in XFree86 repository, ticket 511 indicates:

511. Encoding file updates (After X-TT Project):
- Removed jisx0208.1983-0.enc and added 'ALIAS jisx0208.1983-0' to
- Added Windows ucs2 cmap(3,1) to jisx0208.1990-0.enc and
- Added files for GB18030-0 and GB18030-1 (James Su).

Many efforts is ongoing to support the mandatory standard. I am happy to see these progresses, but unfortunatelly it seems that no font vendors are willing to release at least one of their fonts, and it seems unhopeful to see one in the future.


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Point release for FreeBSD 5.2?

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It's apparantly that 5.2-RELEASE need some real fixes from -HEAD. Today, several commits took place in FreeBSD's RELENG_5_2, and Bruce A. Mah has announced a new doc/ slush plan.

As planned, Jeff Roberson has made ULE scheduler the default for FreeBSD's CVS -HEAD. This is an important step going forward to 5-STABLE.

Inside Linux Kernel Debugger

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junsu has pointed a cool article to me. This article described a Linux kernel debugger, KDB, which seems to be useful even for reference on other kernel debugging issues.

Yesterday I was authorized to put part of delphij.net on FreeBSDChina.org's hosting service, presently, Also, a management account has been established by myself.

Maintainer call to me?

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I have submitted a updated port of awstat this morning. Unfortunatelly, the maintainer's e-mail address bounced.

Dance With Night Wind

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她发来的Dance With Night Wind,透着一股彻骨的冷。


FreeBSDChina社区最近采访了徐逸锋(David XU),一位来自中国大陆的FreeBSD src committer。徐逸锋先生在FreeBSD KSE项目中做出了相当多的贡献,在这次访谈中,他谈到了关于自己参加FreeBSD开发的一些经历、KSE、SMPng以及关于FreeBSD的一些其他事情。我们非常感谢徐先生接受我们的采访,也希望这次访谈能够帮助大家进一步了解FreeBSD。


徐:我在成为FreeBSD src committer以前,一直在使用FreeBSD, 并且对FreeBSD的POSIX thread(PThread)支持不满意,一直希望有一个性能更好的PThread支持,在2002年,我有幸与Julian Elischer在将FreeBSD内核线程化上做了大量的交流工作,Julian Elischer非常友好地帮助我成为src committer.


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Microsoft has recently released SFU 3.5 for free download. This is an amazing product because it also enables running Unix programs under Windows natively.


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A new MSDN article has said the following:

WinFS is the new storage system in Longhorn. It improves the Microsoft Windows platform in three ways. First, it allows you to categorize your information in multiple ways and relate one item of information to another. Second, it provides a common storage format for information collected on an everyday basis, such as information dealing with people, places, images, and more. Third, it promotes data sharing of common information across multiple applications from multiple vendors.

cvs patch committed to FreeBSD-HEAD

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What I concerned has finally happend. nectar committed a patch to cvs without (in my view) maintainers' permission.

Theo de Raddt has pointed out that the /dev/crypto testing program in FreeBSD, like in NetBSD, was derived from a test program which he never published with a free license. It has now been deleted from the NetBSD tree as well.

ACM policy poll

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I've voted "Strongly agree". The policy is going to change as described:

Recent developments in DragonflyBSD

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Recently there were several important developments taken place in DragonflyBSD.

We saw:

Robert Watson wrote:

Please welcome Colin Percival, our newest src committer. Colin has been using and abusing FreeBSD for several years, but in the past couple has produced "FreeBSD update", and a host of bugfixes and changes from that work. Colin will be picking up his own PRs to merge, and picking up some others. Let this be a lesson to you all: no good deed goes unpunished. I'll be his mentor.

Big news! After about four months Jeffrey Hsu has finally merged his fix of RFC3042 to FreeBSD!

I have posted this into the "Security" category because this is a potentially a remote-exploitable security issue. (DoS maxmium).

GEOM kernel API Manual

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Historically, the only translation performed on I/O requests after they they left the file-system layer were logical sub disk implementation done in the device driver. No universal standard for how sub disks are configured and implemented exists, in fact pretty much every single platform and operating system have done it their own way. As FreeBSD migrates to other platforms it needs to understand these local conventions to be able to co-exist with other operating systems on the same disk.


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qmail remote vulnerablity?

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Today someone posted a patch to qmail 1.0.3 and pointed out this.

I have a quick patch to this issue, hope it's correct.

Today folks at FreeBSDChina suggested me to have an interview with FreeBSD’s David XU (Yifeng XU), who is an active committer, and possibly the only src committer living in the mainland China.

Dillon wrote:

Well, this is fun. There are over 460 files in the 5.x source tree (360 in DFly) that make calls to malloc(... M_NOWAIT), and so far about 80% of the calls that I've reviewed generate inappropriate side effects when/if a failure occurs. CAM is the biggest violator... it even has a few panic() conditionals if a malloc(... M_NOWAIT) fails. Not Fun!

Managed thread vs Win32 Thread

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Q: Is managed thread just a thin wrapper over Win32(native) thread?

Ready to resume my x86asm work

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I have announced a suspension and delay of the revision of my x86asm tutorial, as in cvs of the doc/x86asm/index.html, rev 1.2, on December 27, 2003. Today, I have made a back out of that.

Special thanks to: junsu and smalltong02 for helping me on getting out from the influence of the December Incident.



My plans for the upcoming few days

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Of course I will be busy in the next days, and here is my plan for the upcoming few days (I meant to plan for a week or shorter time because many things will suddenly come and change my plans)

Today ru has committed the first patch from the Stanford Metacompilation research group. Kip Macy has pointed the website of them to me.

The submission is awesome that they are mainly leak-related, which is hard to trace and will trigger strange problems where we will spend hours and even days to track down. The original post was submitted to FreeBSD-Hackers maillist here.

Misconfiguration of MT... :shy:

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junsu has pointed out a problem that when we click on "More..." the link will bring us to a monthly archive and not the blob we want. I have noticed the same thing and did not took my care in the past.

This is apparently a misconfiguration. In weblog configuration (Should have administration privilege to see that), you are allowed to choose "Preferred archive style", which was mistakenly setted to "Monthly". By setting it back to "Individual", the problem goes away.

sys/vm/uma_int.h, rev 1.23是一个对于junsu几天前发现的问题的workaround。Alan“Thanks. I've committed a change making a slightly larger increase to UMA_BOOT_PAGES.”


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我的cvs repository

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现在可以订阅/退订 commitmail 邮件列表、察看修改情况 (cvsweb)。如果你有兴趣和我一起开发一些(主要是开放源代码的)软件,请和我本人联系。



也许有点偏执狂的倾向,不过,不让它以root登录,至少能让我睡个安稳觉了 :)


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junsu昨天给了我一个perforce的URL: http://perforce.freebsd.org/chv.cgi?CH=45432

tjr写道: "Initial work on a new filesystem. Right now we can mount it, list
directories, and copy small files off it, but there is no write
support yet. This is going to be a simple extent-based filesystem,
borrowing ideas from NTFS and EFS."



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这里有一个介绍如何架blog的,参考了一下: http://mylibrary.csdl.ac.cn/archives/000016.html

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