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19 Jan 2004

First commit caused by automated checker

Today ru has committed the first patch from the Stanford Metacompilation research group. Kip Macy has pointed the website of them to me.

The submission is awesome that they are mainly leak-related, which is hard to trace and will trigger strange problems where we will spend hours and even days to track down. The original post was submitted to FreeBSD-Hackers maillist here.

The first commit caused by that post:

ru 2004/01/18 04:26:33 PST

FreeBSD src repository

Modified files:
sys/dev/sio sio.c
Fixed a memory leak.

Submitted by: Stanford Metacompilation research group

Revision Changes Path
1.418 +3 -1 src/sys/dev/sio/sio.c

I think FreeBSD will spend some more time on researching the resource leakage problem, and that will of course lead to a much more stable codebase. Hope this will also happen in other *BSDs.