delphij's Chaos


25 Jan 2004

Maintainer call to me?

I have submitted a updated port of awstat this morning. Unfortunatelly, the maintainer’s e-mail address bounced.

clement then asked me whether I would like to be the new maintainer. He then clairified:

Policy is simple:

  • We can override maintainer’s approval if timeout > 2 weeks
  • We drop maintainer if :
    * the maintainer didn’t give any feedback/update last 3 months
    * email address bounces.
    Theorically, all maintainers should be suscribed to ports@ and ports-bugs@ I took maintainership to avoid to drop maintainership to ports@, since I think a lot of people would like to maintain it.
    I’ll retry to contact/find the maintainer, and if I don’t have any response, I’ll give you maintainership. Feel free to remind it to me, since I may forget ;-)

This is a chance for me to get my hand on a very popular FreeBSD port… I am not sure whether the maintainer will finally give me the chance :-)