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19 Jan 2004

Managed thread vs Win32 Thread

Q: Is managed thread just a thin wrapper over Win32(native) thread?

A: In many cases managed threads are just thin wrappers over OS threads. But in some cases they are actually mapped to fibers (which is why we do not expose win32 thread ID) and there are many cases where we add significant functionality or have to provide a deeper implementation.

The above contents were from here.

This question come up into my mind when I am looking some material about Win32 fibers from the Platform SDK documentation. A simple Google search brings me that. I am still looking for some material about the fiber (a very lightweight thread which even the operating system does not bother to schedule) implementation in Windows. I think we will finally adopt apr library in the GridDistribute, but I am still evaluating the different threading model in distinct platforms. On FreeBSD-CURRENT I tend to use KSE based threads If we are going to have a Windows port, what shall we use? I hesitate to invent a wheel when there is already one…