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30 Jan 2004

Mr. Ctrl+Alt+Del retires

From Slashdot: The Ctrl+Alt+Del Inventor, David Bradley, has retired.

An earlier article, The Guy Responsible For Ctrl+Alt+Del, shows a brief story of the combination. He said that this was originally desiginated for debugging, and of course not for a Windows user to input his/her password :)

Restart is extremely useful for a computer engineer, and I think it’s the most beneficial feature that a DFA, for example, Computer, can have. When something goes wrong, you reset it and then start over. It’s important for a person who want to debug.

As a PC user have 18 years of experience (well, yes, I have been a PC user in 1986), I can’t count how many times I have pressed “Ctrl+Alt+Del”.

Well… PC? to be, or not to be?