delphij's Chaos


19 Jan 2004

My plans for the upcoming few days

Of course I will be busy in the next days, and here is my plan for the upcoming few days (I meant to plan for a week or shorter time because many things will suddenly come and change my plans)

  1. Prepare a new plan for this hols. My TODO list includes, among other things, at least:
    a. Finalize the work for the graduate office in my university.
    b. Prepare for my exams.
    c. Look for a job
    d. The Final Year Project, namely, the GridDistribute(TM)

  2. Finish a ATL based project, which is a explorer extension. Thanks to “try” and “smalltong02” for offering me some test environment.

This explorer extension will integerate several functions into Windows Shell. First, a drag-and-drop Hard Link (NTFS specific) creator, which is primarily for fun, but also save some disk space. Second, a MD5/SHA1/CRC32 Hasher into the properties page. Third, a property sheet to show hard link properties.

I have no idea whether to add some function about sparse files.

  1. Discuss with jarod, hengdm, liu8han and sports3000 about CVS usage and open their accounts.

  2. Create mailboxes for several people.