delphij's Chaos


19 Jan 2004

Ready to resume my x86asm work

I have announced a suspension and delay of the revision of my x86asm tutorial, as in cvs of the doc/x86asm/index.html, rev 1.2, on December 27, 2003. Today, I have made a back out of that.

Special thanks to: junsu and smalltong02 for helping me on getting out from the influence of the December Incident.

However, I found that I am simply getting more and more callous on this, while it is not an end of the whole incident, I believe I am not still so care about it as it just happens.

This change is not good on a global view, I think. But it at least opened some possibility for me to get a new life. Will the incident change or not? I think it will not change in the near future and like what the girl has said, it will never change. I just took a wrong place at the beginning, and the result, as the idiom said, it should not have a good result if the choose was wrong in the first place.

I need more time to learn from others. I am trying to fool myself into considering her as one of my friends, oh, no; I am trying to consider her as my friend, even when this is very difficult and expensive. Hope this time I am not totally wrong as I previously did. It seems that it’s too early or too late to consider love, in other words, it’s not the time and I must give up. No matter what, that’s the fate I have to accept, regardless what I (will) think about it. As a fact I have to accept, it is a waste of time to say whether I am happy to see that because even I am unhappy the fact won’t change, and being happy will benefit a lot, so I choose to be happy instead to be sad.

Study and work hard will finally cure anything as time passes. So I hereby wish all my friends to have a happy new year, don’t worry about me. To myself, I wish I will have a good result in the final project, found a good job and be prepared to study abroad.