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22 Jan 2004

Recent developments in DragonflyBSD

Recently there were several important developments taken place in DragonflyBSD.

We saw:

  1. Matthew Dillon’s resident executable support

Matt clairfied the support: “How does resident support work? It’s easy and obvious… all that I do is vmspace_fork() the VM address space for the user process and save the copy in the kernel. Then, later, when the user process is exec’d again the kernel notices that it has a saved address space and instead of running the ELF image activator it simply makes a copy of the saved address space and runs it directly.”

The result is amazing that “The new support does a much, much, MUCH better job then prebinding. So much better that in stage 3 I am going to *remove* prebinding support entirely. On the downside, there needs to be some integration with the build system and some additional augmentation of the ‘resident’ command so the build system to deregister resident programs whos libraries are being overwritten :-). So use the program with care for now.”

  1. The CVS import done by asmodai.
    Amazingly they have decided to merge in the -dev line of cvs (1.12.5). FreeBSD is currently carrying an outdated 1.11.5 which contains serious security related bugs.

  2. gcc3 import
    gcc 3 brings good :)

  3. discussion about journalling and soft updates
    It seems that Matt preferred journalling to Soft Updates. I have discussed some bit with him. I have agreed some of his opinions however I still consider Soft Updates better than journalling. I’ll post a more detailed analysis about this issue later.