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31 Jan 2004

Yay!! KSE is now default threading library on FreeBSD-CURRENT

Daniel Eischen today committed a new patch and this will make KSE default threading library on FreeBSD!

deischen 2004/01/30 04:13:17 PST

FreeBSD src repository

Modified files:
lib/libc_r Makefile
lib/libpthread Makefile
Change libkse back to libpthread and make it the default
thread library for i386, amd64, and ia64. For alpha
and sparc64 the library is not changed and remains libkse,
and links are installed so that libpthread -> libc_r.

The gcc -pthread option will be changed in a separate
commit so that it links to -lpthread instead of -lc_r.

Approved by: re@

Revision Changes Path
1.38 +10 -0 src/lib/libc_r/Makefile
1.50 +4 -0 src/lib/libpthread/Makefile