delphij's Chaos


17 Feb 2004

Announcing FreeBSD 5-SELECT cvs repository

The FreeBSD 5-SELECT cvs repository, my selected FreeBSD 5.x collection is available by HTTP browse here:

A commit mail archive is available here:

The FreeBSD 5-SELECT is a lightweight fork against FreeBSD 5-CURRENT, which focus on stablity and performance. The 5-SELECT branch is tend to be maintain full compatible with FreeBSD 5-CURRENT and it will finally superceded by FreeBSD 5-STABLE.

The SCM system is still CVS. This is because the requirement of the possiblity of upgrading through cvsup. All servers I maintain and a small group of friends of mine will use this.

The 5-SELECT branch is tend to be an ephemeral fork. All MFC’s will be carefully checked. A 5.2.1-SRELEASE will be released after all MFC’s done. Due to these reasons I tend not to use P4 this time.

A P4 deployment will be used on other things.