delphij's Chaos


07 Feb 2004 back again

The hardware of (this machine) seemed to be endsuring some problem. Today, I have completed several improvements to mitigate this situation.

First, the kernel/world has been synced to a snapshot of today’s -CURRENT, in response of FreeBSD-SA-04:02. In order to have a more stable system, I have to use CURRENT instead of RELENG_5_2, because re@ refused the RFC3042 patch for they think it’s not a critical bugfix. I need it, however, so everything should be DIY :-)

Second, the mail system has upgraded to 2.2-REL, which has been run on my own box for a month. This will reduce the licence problem 2.0-REL have.

Third, all ports are re-compiled because the ports/devel/gettext upgrade. While the upgrade itself is done cleanly, it caused siginificant problem here. I have copyed the gettext-old port over the gettext port, and that caused two extra files. No, not funny, this really caused delay.

Finally I spent 14 hours upgrading the software system.

Unfortunatelly, apache-worker does not work properly with KSE. I don’t know the reason, but it really need to be resolved. I don’t dare to run debugger on a remote box, so I did replaced apache-worker with apache-prefork.

Going home. Really a busy weekend… Tired.