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23 Feb 2004


This is my 100th blob here, unfortuantely, this is not a good news.

February 22nd, 2004, BEIJING

As someone here may already know, I have decided to resign from all my current posts, including but not limited to the posts I got from the Internet, or ordinary life under my true name, or my nicknames, namely, delphij, bitripper, 司徒彦南. If I want to keep some posts somewhere, the nickname itself must be changed.

I prefer not to disclose the reason why I have had the above decision. To speak seriously, the decisive bit of this decision was due to a critical personality failure I have had last December, but I do not tend to tell more details about this.


delphij - I have promised to someone that the real meaning of this nickname should be kept secret and can only be told after I have a girlfriend recognized by the Dreamland Computing Community. I have used this nickname from circa mid-1992. Currently I have not decided whether to put off this name, but I intention is to put it off.

bitripper - This name was meant to be “A code hacker who has mastery in ripping bits”. I am not sure whether I have accomplished this, however, I like this nickname. This was firstly used since 1994, when I was giving “A brief tutorial to The x86 Assembly Language” to my schoolmates at NOI training center. I have decided to stop using this nickname soon.

司徒彦南 - This name was firstly appeared in a novel I wrote in 1996. Unfortunately, the joint writer group which is responsible to complete the novel was disbanded in 1997 after we have graduated from Junior School. I have extensively used this nickname while I have jointly founded Frontfree Technology Network [ ] with several upperclassmen in 2001, where I have published several technical articles, including a rewrite of “A Brief tutorial to the x86 Assembly Language”. The series were terminated in late 2002, however, I still got many e-mails advising me to continue it. For several reasons I can not disclose here, I have decided to permanently suspend the write of the series. At the same time, nickname “司徒彦南” will be discarded.

I have some other nicknames which were not commonly used, they will not be disclosed here.

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Weber | February 23, 2004 2:21 PM

Is it worth to do these decision for only one failure?

delphij | February 23, 2004 2:34 PM

I said that this is a critical one. It’s the final decision, I must give up something in order to start a new life.

It’s not valuable to keep something which are not belonged to me anymore, if that is valuable for someone else, it’s definately what I will do.

The decision is not a easy one, and it’s not a quick decision. I have suspended x86ASM Tutorial two times, and this is the third time. The first time I have suspended it was because of lack of time, then I picked it up because someone has volunteered to review it, then that person gave up so I suspend it up. I have made a decision to continue the improvements to the chapters this January, then I was seriously hurted yesterday on some reason and therefore I would suspend it.

The original x86ASM tutorial work was dedicated to my friend, Mr. Philip Kats who invented PKZIP and taught me several optimization skills in x86 Assembly Language, that’s why some of you have saw “Dedicated to Mr. PKZIP”. Unfortunately, he died in 2000.

There’re too many things I have to gave up, I must give up something, sticking in something I must lose is not a wise idea, I am wasting too much time on something I should not take so many care in the first place.

No, I am not regreting what I have done, I just need some rest. Good fame is not always a Good Thing(TM), it will became hard and hard when time elasped.

Weber | February 25, 2004 9:34 AM