delphij's Chaos


23 Feb 2004


This is my 100th blob here, unfortuantely, this is not a good news.

February 22nd, 2004, BEIJING

As someone here may already know, I have decided to resign from all my current posts, including but not limited to the posts I got from the Internet, or ordinary life under my true name, or my nicknames, namely, delphij, bitripper, 司徒彦南. If I want to keep some posts somewhere, the nickname itself must be changed.

I prefer not to disclose the reason why I have had the above decision. To speak seriously, the decisive bit of this decision was due to a critical personality failure I have had last December, but I do not tend to tell more details about this.


delphij - I have promised to someone that the real meaning of this nickname should be kept secret and can only be told after I have a girlfriend recognized by the Dreamland Computing Community. I have used this nickname from circa mid-1992. Currently I have not decided whether to put off this name, but I intention is to put it off.

bitripper - This name was meant to be 「A code hacker who has mastery in ripping bits」. I am not sure whether I have accomplished this, however, I like this nickname. This was firstly used since 1994, when I was giving 「A brief tutorial to The x86 Assembly Language」 to my schoolmates at NOI training center. I have decided to stop using this nickname soon.

司徒彦南 - This name was firstly appeared in a novel I wrote in 1996. Unfortunately, the joint writer group which is responsible to complete the novel was disbanded in 1997 after we have graduated from Junior School. I have extensively used this nickname while I have jointly founded Frontfree Technology Network [ ] with several upperclassmen in 2001, where I have published several technical articles, including a rewrite of 「A Brief tutorial to the x86 Assembly Language」. The series were terminated in late 2002, however, I still got many e-mails advising me to continue it. For several reasons I can not disclose here, I have decided to permanently suspend the write of the series. At the same time, nickname 「司徒彦南」 will be discarded.

I have some other nicknames which were not commonly used, they will not be disclosed here.