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01 Feb 2004

init(8) in jails?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav has posted a discussion on FreeBSD-arch (I have to use a outside link instead of FreeBSD’s own mailing list archive, because it didn’t updated from 2004-01-26 for unknown reason), accroding to this post, we see a need of running init(8) in jails, which allows us to terminate a jail cleanly.

Andrew Boothman soon points out that there’s a utility called jailer available in ports/sysutils/jailer will do similiar things.

Antony T Curtis said that (he?) has implemented a init(8) patch which allows it to run without having PID=1, by storing its pid in /var/run.

Finally, Mr. rcNG (Mike Makonnen) said he is ready to submit a patch which will allow people to shutdown individual jails from /etc/rc.d/jail.

Maybe POLA will support Mike’s methodology, but I think Antony’s might be better? No idea for now.