delphij's Chaos


05 Feb 2004

The length of my TODO list increased drastically...

Several commits must be done on FreeBSDChina’s doc tree,
Many commits must be done in the local Frontfree tree,
And the GridDistribute,
as well as mathmetics.

When is the end, and when is the start?
What will happen, if I want to have a rest?
While this is something to be similiar with what happend in the past,
I am supposed to have some busy days…

Marcus has committed a 3000+ ports patch,
bsd.*.mk updated,
my box affected,
dc(4) dead.
Is it bad or good,
or will it be turned into a fortunate?

jhb has committed new process code,
njl has committed ACPI improvements,
rwatson tend to have more MAC changes,
tjr is waiting for approval of his patches,
davidxu and desichen turned KSE as default threading library,
re@ approved, and so@ is preparing for a new stable release.

By this time, RELENG_5_2 is going to be 5.2.1-RELEASE,

Commit, commit commit the chaos,
and patch, patch patch the bugs,
and wait, wait wait for panics,
send, send send out PRs…

Just reboot, reboot and reboot,
crash the VM and produce dump,
Mail, mail, mail storm,
PR, PR, and PR junk,
brings worm, worm, and spam,
kill them and send SIGKILL to init(8),
and the world goes silent…