delphij's Chaos


14 Mar 2004

Comments on the WAPI National Standard

I am really disappointing about this news. An earlier discussion on this topic could be founded here.

The decision is not acceptable at my view. It is more than insane to set up an mandatory national standard that is conflicit with present International standard without apparant technical nor economic benefits, on consumer product. With a chunk of existing deployments of 802.11 devices, this can generate waste only.

Keeping domestic enterprises under protection is not a good idea to keep them in a good competitive. There are many other ways to make these enterprises good - for example, pay more to education, especially, higher education, as well as enforcing the government subsidy for elementary education for less-developed regions, reducing taxes on the high-tech enterprises, etc.

I am not supporting Intel against the China Government’s decision, however, we really need to re-think about policies we have taken. Will these policies protect, or just simply harm ourselves?