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08 Mar 2004

Mid-term migration plan

As mentioned before, I will finally get the whole out from because I will be finally graduated from the university and hence I must give maintainership (at least the principal maintainership) to someone who still live in the campaus so they can better solve problems encounted with. Well, I missed the post so much, as I have acted as principal maintainer and security officer there for more than three years: I became the security officer in 2000 when I joined the Association of Computer Machinery at School of Computer Science, Beijing University of Technology because nobody else in my grade can operate a Linux box :-)

Ok, now the no-nonsense. I have already pulled most part of, expect the mail part, and the cvs server because the migration is complicated, or I have not found a server which can fulfil my requirements. My plan is:

  1. Prepare. A next-generation (compared with the current instance at of mail system will be developed and (hopefully) deployed at sometime in late April or early May on While developing it, I will set up an mailsystem instance at’s server after discussed with all of our core members. Finally, the mail system will be transferred to’s server as a temporarily resort. This may result in the lost of spam-proof and anti-virus features because it’s based on qmail and I don’t plan to improve the current situation soon.

  2. Stage 0. MX and NS records will be adjusted so e-mails will be redirected to’s host. This should happen when 0 is done.

  3. Stage 1. Remove all mail system domains from after the NS changes are confirmed by the world, which should happen in 96 hours. Also, is migrated and during the migration, no comments could be posted and the copy on will be disabled.

  4. Stage 2. Migrate the mail lists. Personally I will prefer to re-construct all mail lists while keeping their archives. Another idea is to stop these lists until a new server is set up.

  5. Stage 3. Migrate the CVS server. A headsup will be sent to all developers who has commit privilege and their commit bits are revoked at that time. After that, the repository will be tarred and bzipped and kept for safekeeping. This should happen after GridDistribute 1.0-RELEASE is finished. After that, the anoncvs access will be still open, but no commits can be done.

  6. Stage 4. Buy a new server and put it to IDC.

  7. Stage 5. Deploy the generation III of mail server at my own server.

  8. Stage 6. Gradually migrate the whole to my own server.