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30 Mar 2004

NetBSD to begin 2.0-RELEASE engineering process

Today, NetBSD has announced their start of 2.0-RELEASE works. NetBSD is an excellent operating system that supports many platforms, if not most.

There is already many many commits to NetBSD’s 2.0 RELEASE branch, which is just branched off -HEAD. The NetBSD’s release engineering process is not as well documented as FreeBSD’s, but it’s a similiar one.

Currently, netbsd-2-0 (in FreeBSD, a equivalent tag looks like RELENG_2) branch has created, and a “branch point tag”, namely, netbsd-2-0-base has been created for it.

NetBSD 2.0 concentrates in performance and stablity. Also, we might see gcc 3.3.3 to get its way into NetBSD’s base system in 2.0-RELEASE, this will improve the build infrasture.

Commits happening today is very interesting. It seems that NetBSD is doing 2/3 branch, say, the -HEAD will became NetBSD 3.0-CURRENT. Well, we rarely see NetBSD to have a major version bump, and now, it happens!