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21 Mar 2004

Oppugn on limitations on forums

It appears that there are more and more limitations applied to forums because the election happening in Taiwan. Recently, one of my friend (Sarah Lau) has been deprived board management privilege at the NetEase Beijing Community because she has some saying which is considered to be harmful.

It appears that the authorities is attempting to apply more limitations on Internet forums because several reasons. Dong CHE’s blog appears to show one of the result of these considerations as has requested their customers to accept the management rules.

This might affect many areas too. The authorities has requested us to close forum at Frontfree Technology Network, even when it is dedicated to technical discussions, and politics is strictly forbidden there.

While I really don’t care whether if we can set up a forum (well, yes we need communication, but I personally prefer mailing lists, which is not covered by the management rules because there is only a few Chinese people to use it), I am not sure whether the management rule is a better representative of the recent constitution amend approved by the legislature. While we respect the decision made by the government, will it do things after there is a proper legislation and follow the active laws? Or, shouldn’t we enter an emergency state?