delphij's Chaos


23 Mar 2004

Robert Watson to merge Networking Locking patches from p4

Robert today has sent a headsup to current@, claiming that he will merge his changes on p4 to cvs soon.

Simply put, the change will bring us a dual-mode network stack, which, in other words, will either work wholely under Giant, or work without Giant. The migration period will be one or two weeks, during this period, it’s a good idea to turn debug.mpsafenet off.

We can expect significant performance gains after the whole thing is done. However, in order to prevent chaos, I personally recommend those who are running production server on 5-CURRENT (or any 5.x RELEASE, respectively), not to update nor rebuild their system on -HEAD in order to prevent the potential, and apparantly existed, risk. As always, please extensively test these commits, and submit any problems with their backtraces. Of course, if you submit a correct patch, it will be more than welcome from the FreeBSD community :-)