delphij's Chaos


04 Apr 2004

201st blob :-)

This is my 201st blob, the 200th was used with a law disclaimer, well I don’t like legalize while I have a handful of friends who works on law-related jobs :-)

Someone may know that I was in a dark mood during the days I wrote 100th blob. With many help from my friends, especially Dr. Jeffrey, I finally got out that emotion. I found that I did not lose my self, I’m still stand on my own, and that’s all.

Recently I’m working hard on Grid Distribute’s work. At the same time, I have spent some of my time on FreeBSD and DragonFlyBSD, still looking for a job (temporary job so I can still have time to prepare GRE/TOEFL and apply for school). I am seriously thinking about going to School of Software Engineering at my university.

Plan the future - Looking forward, and, go!