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23 Apr 2004

FreeBSD 4.10-RC released

Now we have RELENG_4_10 branch :-) There are a lot of -CURRENT improvements has been MFC’ed, however, the most important part of -CURRENT, say, KSE and SMPng, will never be MFC’ed because of the architecture change introduced by this.

It seems that Murray Stokeley has stepped down as FreeBSD 4.x’s RELEASE ENGINEER LEAD. The 5.x methodlity is being used on the latest (and might be the last full) FreeBSD 4.x-RELEASE. M. Warner Losh (imp@) even committed a 4.10-STABLE right after 4.10 branch, however, someone has pointed out that this is not the current practice and Warner has backed out his change.

After Matthew Dillon’s departure from the FreeBSD project, there are a lot of changes made in CURRENT and STABLE branches. Currently, DragonFlyBSD, a fork from FreeBSD 4-STABLE branch, is adopting a different way of kernel synchronization. The technical different is likely to make porting code more and more difficult, however, I believe that porting code in the both way and make the code more synchronized (whenever possible) will benefit the both project.