delphij's Chaos


13 Apr 2004

FreeBSD clamav maintainer altered

TERAMOTO Masahiro kindly gave maintainership of security/clamav to Rob Evers, the maintainer of the clamav-devel port.

Personally I am happy to see this change. TERAMOTO has contributed a lot of time for the clamav port, and Rob Evers has actively improved the clamav-devel port, bring in many new features and therefore, I personally preferred clamav-devel over clamav in the past. Being lack of time, TERAMOTO has co-maintained the port with Oliver Eikemeier in order to get timely updates to clamav port.

Having one person to maintain the -devel and normal port will bring some good. The most significant will be, the configuration will be the same and hence, it will save us time.

I would thank TERAMOTO for kindly giving maintainership to Rob Evers and the past maintaining of the clamav port.