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10 Apr 2004

Open letter to the users of FreeBSD (from phk@)

See the original letter here.

To make the long story short, Poul-Henning Kamp have lost one of his contracting customers and hence have the unique opportunity that he have the entire second half of 2004 empty in his order book.

Poul-Henning is a senior developer of the FreeBSD project. So this open letter stands for that he is willing to contribute his time working full-time for FreeBSD’s filesystem and disk-I/O subsystem to work properly on multi-processor systems. This is hard to be completed within spare time because pushing down locks and removing Giants from individual subsystems _DOES_ require carefully check and large amount of time to debug. Apparantly, this will drastically increase the overral performance, and if this can happen soon, it is of course good for the operating system.