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23 Apr 2004

postfix 2.1-RELEASE

Wietse Venema has released postfix 2.1-RELEASE, after a prolonged test and release cycle. postfix 2.1 has several major improvements over the postfix 2.0 series, the documentation is completely rewritten, and the anti-spam features is extensively improved.

From Wietse’s mail:

After an extended period of polishing and testing, Postfix 2.1 is released. Highlights are:

  • Complete documentation rewrite. All parameters are now documented in postconf(5), all commands and daemons are shown in proper context in an OVERVIEW document, all documents come as HTML and ASCII text, and every parameter and program name is hyperlinked. There’s a whole new set of documents on performance analysis and tuning.

  • Policy delegation to external code. Examples of greylisting and SPF Perl scripts are provided. See SMTPD_POLICY_README.

  • Real-time content filtering before mail is accepted. This feature should be used with care. See SMTPD_PROXY_README.

  • Address verification to reject mail from/to bogus addresses. This feature should be used with care. See ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_README.

  • Major revision of the LDAP, MySQL, and PGSQL code by Liviu Daia.

  • “sendmail -v” now sends a real mail delivery report to the sender.

  • “sendmail -bv” now reports if an address is deliverable (it connects to remote SMTP servers when recipients are remote).

  • New actions in access tables and in header/body_checks, access control by MX or NS server name/address, selective automatic BCC per sender and/or recipient, and many other little features.

  • Not included is client rate limiting. This needs to evolve further in Postfix 2.2 snapshots.

One of items on the agenda for Postfix 2.2 is to integrate the TLS and IPv6 patches, the motto being: “patches, patches, we don’t need no steenkeeng patches”.