delphij's Chaos


16 Apr 2004

Preparing commit storm for GridDistribute

I am planning to have a commit storm on GridDistribute’s source tree. This will happen in the following steps:

  1. Base infrasture, this includes some vital components (along with their respective test code) and the whole framework (no functional code).
  2. Build infrasture. For example, the Makefile’s and .mk’s which are essential for the code build process under FreeBSD.
  3. The basic functional units. The system should be at least compilable no later than next Thursday. No major interface should be permitted after this, and we will be moving toward on making the system usable.
  4. The usable system. I expect the system to be usable on 29th, April. This permits us to write paper soon, and make the system a stable one.
  5. Add more experimental features and enter the alpha testing phase.
  6. Launch Release Engineering process some time in the second week in May. This meant code freeze and carefully reviewing the code. We will hopefully to have a release by the end of May.