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21 May 2004

Call for help: Need a mail relay to route my mail to and other domains that need reverse resolvable IP address

I am looking for someone to provide me a mail relay. Please contact me if you have a mail server and it has a *reverse resolvable* IP address, and you are interested in helping me out to resolve this issue.

The relay policy here is:

For most domains, my mail server would deliver e-mail directly to recipent’s server. That means, that my mail server would not use your server to deliver every mail, it just use your server to deliver those mails that are belong to the servers that requires reverse resolvable IP, e.g.

The mail server is strictly managed so no spam is possible to go through my mail to your server. My mail server is configured with ClamAV and SpamAssassin and a number of other anti spam mechaisms.

Please note that your mail server should NOT:

  1. Silently discard my e-mail. If it wants to reject it, it should reply 450 or 550 so I get a bounce.
  2. Should not be an open relay :-)

Many thanks to the one who would like to help!