delphij's Chaos


04 May 2004

Deploying postfix 2.1.1

Today I have finally get postfix 2.1.1 running on (2.1.0 lived there for four hours before it was replaced with 2.1.1 after it replaced 2.0.20 :-) )

postfix 2.1 is a major release of postfix. As usual, there are stablity and performance improvements and the most important is the UCE control mechanism is drastically improved.

I have added several anti spam policies that postfix 2.1-RELEASE has been added. I have running these on my home box for long ago with postfix development snapshot, and I finally can get use these options on production server.

Thanks goes to Dr. Viviek Khera who did the maintain work of postfix port! (PR/66215).