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16 May 2004

FreeBSD 4.10-RC3 is delaying again

To summarize the release engineering process: 4.10-RC3 has delayed again so 4.10-RELEASE won’t be released soon. Recently, RELENG_4_10 branch has received several critical bugfixes. I personally requested a MFC for a security vulnerablity related with timedc, and Tim has MFC’ed some other security related fixes. Matthew Dillon has submitted some VM patches (committed by Ken Smith) and they all get into RC3.

I hope 4.10-RELEASE would be a successful release. To quote FreeBSD’s release engineering documentation:

“Our user community has made it very clear that the security and stability of a FreeBSD release should not be sacrificed for any self-imposed deadlines or target release dates. The FreeBSD Project has grown tremendously over its lifetime and the need for standardized release engineering procedures has never been more apparent. This will become even more important as FreeBSD is ported to new platforms.”