delphij's Chaos


09 May 2004

FreeBSD delphij's fork started

Today I have finally started my lightweight fork of FreeBSD. The methodlity taken was, use the official mirror (’s cvsup service and derive my own repository with CVSup’s local repository ablity by disabling its delete function, and exploiting FreeBSD’s stock CVS’s local branch numbering feature.

You can view the cvs commit mail archive, or subscribe/unsubscribe it here. The web interface of its cvs service is here. In addition you can access it through anoncvs service, which will be disclosed here soon.

Currently 5-SELECT identify itself as 5.2d-CURRENT, where “d” stands for “delphij”. The 5-SELECT is intended to be a personal work, contributions are welcome and I can give you commit bit if I know who you are and I think you are qualified to do this work.

I take no responsibility on 5-SELECT. No guarantee is granted on stablity, performance, etc, while I have my effort on it.