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12 May 2004

Got a FreeBSD tarball

By Google’ing the web I got a tarball. FreeBSD 1.x was based on Net/2 and the USL lawsuit has caused FreeBSD project to re-start from 4.4BSD-Lite2, and was the last 1.x RELEASE permitted to be released.

After that, FreeBSD 1.x’s CVS repository was supposed to be destoried (NetBSD have a different approach, which is to erase individual file’s history by having it “intentially removed”).

FreeBSD 1.x’s CVS repository is valuable for those who interest FreeBSD’s history. It will be also valuable to see it and whether there are some regressions between Net/2 and 4.4BSD-Lite2 (because I previously saw some report about this, so I am interested in it). Given that SCO has released 32/V under a BSD License, it is now legal to have FreeBSD 1.x’s CVS tree.

I am not sure whether I can obtain a copy of it. If so, I think I will put it on my CVS and have some look on it.

A good candidate for my 22th birthday present :-) I will add it to my wishlist.