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05 May 2004

Resolution of Windows Update 0x80000007d Exception

A Dell Latitude D600 computer with Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition is experiencing problem when installing Windows Update from website. By downloading the hotfix, and trying to install it, it fails with “Data Error, 0x8000007d”

To solve this (the solution is not found in KB, so I hope someone at Microsoft can add this), one can try the following:

  1. Stop any programs, including Internet Explorer running Windows Update
  2. Start -> Run
  3. SigVerif
  4. Click “Advanced” button
  5. Choose “Look for other files …”
  6. Look in C:\Windows\System32\CATROOT folder, Include subdirectories
  7. Ok, Start Scan
  8. Delete any files, except “timestamp”, which are found that without digital signatures.
  9. Go ahead and Windows Updates works properly.