delphij's Chaos


25 Jun 2004

FreeBSD 5.2-delphij to release third iso

I will release third (more or less unstable) release ISO if nothing will prevent me from doing that :-) The latest delphijfork includes several new features, which is tend to exhibit new technologies and possiblities of FreeBSD:

  • An implementation of RFC 3522 ported from DragonFlyBSD
  • An implementation of Early Retransmission ported from DragonFlyBSD

Also, FreeBSD-CURRENT has several new features, including:

  • In progress import of binutils 2.15
  • pf 3.5. Including several new features and works better with spamd.
  • better ACPI support

While this snapshot is claimed to be “unstable”, it should be quite stable. If you have found any problem, please let me know, or send-pr directly if you are sure that it’s not my fault :-P

This release would be built with -O2 optimized world, as long as some of my usual optimizes. It should run faster than FreeBSD-CURRENT because I have turned off several debug options.

I will upload the release after the release build is completed. You are encouraged to deploy this release on non-critical servers having heavy load. The current snapshot is quite stable by this time, and if you have some unlucky findings, you will guarantee that you will receive a much more stable 5.3-RELEASE.