delphij's Chaos


28 Jun 2004

Happy 23rd birthday to myself

I’m now 22 years old. It’s Monday, just like 22 years ago when I was born. First of all, I shall thank my mother for giving me life and my parents who grow me up. Thanks to all my friends who gave me pleasure and shared my sorrow. Well, I have to thank those who taught me what real life is, too.

Today I will go to office and continue my work on performance bottleneck analysis there. I will build a new FreeBSD-delphijfork snapshot as a present for myself :-)

There are several regrets for today, as I have several things which did not completed until now. One is to study abroad; my faith is to realize my object in the future three years. The second one is that I am still not a FreeBSD committer, which is more or less one of my wish before I was graduated, and it is not likely to be realized. The third one is that I still don’t have a girlfriend and my parents have hasten me to look for a person :-)

Ok, so I promise myself to have the following things finished before I am 23 years old:

  1. Be a better student at university who got better score, and do more significant research.
  2. Be a good staff at office work hard and learn more.
  3. Have a better relationship with family, friends, and co-workers.
  4. Have a long-distance trip somewhere in the south China.
  5. Become a FreeBSD committer. Have the handbook translation completed.
  6. Healthier life. Swim, etc.
  7. Became a more self-motivated person, be more excellent in technical aspects, human relational aspects, and researches.
  8. Run all on owned server, and, have my own debug box for debugging and hacking kernels.
  9. Spend more time with my parents who growned me up.
  10. Save some money for future, learn how to invest and manage money, my life, time, etc.

Of course there are more wishes, but I have chosen 10 of them. There are not clear priorities between the 10 items.

So, my sorrow, my faith, my pleasure, my hope~~ 1 years passed, I almost gave up some of my wishes last year, while I will still work hard for these items. Nothing can make me give up, no matter what.

Thanks to the three persons who have said “Happy birthday, Jason” in the last week, I am happy that you still remember my birth date :-)