delphij's Chaos


18 Jun 2004

"Your recognition does not affect my excellence"

I have said the statement when I was 14. Yesterday, a friend of mine told that he has quoted it in his dissertation addendum. I am sure that there are a lot of misunderstanding of the above statement.

I never said “I am the best”, however, I want to say “Whether I am excellent, is not determined by whether somebody else will or will not recognize it. It’s quite easy for anyone to overestimate or underestimate one’s ablity, personality, etc., that’s why we have to communicate well with each other. However, this does not mean that I must make it clear to everyone. What I think, what I expect, what I am doing and what I will do, is not bussiness for everyone. There are some persons who can ask me specific questions, related to some personal private information, that does not mean that _ANYONE_ can do this. I will consider a person as a friend, when he or she consider me as a friend under a reason like “because he is LI Xin”, but not “because he have this or that which will benefit me”. I have some friends who fall in this criteria.