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23 Aug 2004

Got FreeBSD 1.x repo, finally!

David O’Brien has gave me the FreeBSD 1.x CVS Repository and I have set up a CVSWeb view for it so it will be easy to read the code/changes.

FreeBSD 1.x was forbidden and supposed to be destroyed in May 1994, because the lawsuit of USL against BSDI, UC Berkeley, and the FreeBSD/NetBSD projects. Today, as 32V and some code in the same time was released under BSD License, it is legal to keep the repo again.

FreeBSD 1.x is based on 4.3 BSD, while FreeBSD 2.x and later are based on 4.4BSD-Lite2. The historical archive, is valuable for anyone who interested in the Operating System itself, its development, and more.

For your copy of the 1.x repo: here.
For browsing the history: here