delphij's Chaos


23 Aug 2004

Some thought about the recent scenario

18K, 17K, 15K, then, 4K, nobody has said “Hey, I really care about that!”, unlike the good old days every 1K grown will cause many greets.

I am really disappointed about this, and feel grief. Once you get something from its very beginning, to its grown, and saw some successes, and someone else has taken it from your hand, promising it would be even more better, say “hey, you boy ain’t capable for that task”, well, I can bear it, but I can’t simply forgive ignorance of someone that is supposed to be responsible, said reasonable, then did something regrettable.

I have gave it too many attempts, but seems that too many folks just saw what they want, ignoring what I want, even when that is also important to themselves. They refuse to hear from me, insist on hurting my feelings, and bash out someone who used to contributed just because “They are not useful any more”.

I think I am not tolerance anymore. It was years that I have proven what I did, it was my success, it was the topmost time when I leave, and I can just leave at this point. Stride forward without any regret, I have done well, just tired because all companion are thrown out because they just “Not useful any more”!