delphij's Chaos


18 Oct 2004

Two PRs and an ongoing patch

ZHAO Xin (a colleague of mine) has pointed out that GNOME Simplified Chinese does not did a good work when displaying time. He then filed ports/72722 and ports/72723.

Adam Weinberger (adamw@, one of the major FreeBSD GNOME maintainers) has then pointed out that it might be better to contact the Simplified Chinese Translation team. In a private mail, I have explained that the root cause of the issue, however, is that our libc implementation does not implemented the GNU Extensions, say, the -_^0 extensions of strftime(3). Adam have then kindly approved that the patches should be committed, and we should have a long-run solution then finally remove them.

The long-run solution is to simulate GNU libc behavior by implementing these extensions. I have received many help from the community. Peter Pentchev (roam@) has told me the style nits of my documentation patch, and suggested the use of arraies instead of multiple decision statements in my implementation.

A new version would be developed as soon as I have time to re-look at the problem.