delphij's Chaos


11 Oct 2004

We're likely to cut 5.3-RELEASE one week later!!

Scott Long, the Release Engineering Team Lead, has announced the “Final MFC Call” which means we must MFC all changes in the next 24 hours. A Release Candidate would be tagged soon (in 1 day) by creating RELENG_5_3 branch.

Accroding to the historical release engineering practice, we will release at least two release candadites. However, the release engineering team thought that we have seven (7) beta releases and we may reduce the need of RC’s to only one.

Usually there is one RC per week, and this in turn means we will release 5.3-RELEASE in a week! Good luck to 5.3-RELEASE, and please report any problem you have encounted, we *do* correct the issues because we consider quality more than any schedule.