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06 May 2005

3 security advisories, and FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE has been tagged

Today, Colin has committed three security fixes that addresses three medium-risk security issues in FreeBSD kernel. That results in p11, p12 and p13 of FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE, and has been committed to RELENG_5_4 as well so we will get that in the final release build.

Ken Smith has announced the tagging (with a mini heads-up in developers@), and then committed the naming (5.4-RELEASE) to the RELENG_5_4 tree. After that, RELENG_5_4 was tagged as RELENG_5_4_0_RELEASE, which is the last step of the release engineering that is related to the src/tree.

Please note that, this is not the final step of the final release. FreeBSD is very careful about the quality (not only as opposed to the kernel with colorful history of its security record, which is released under GPL and often release from time to time, haha, you know which is that) of a release, therefore, tagging does not mean that “we made it”, that is just a stage. Please be patient to wait for the PGP signed 5.4-RELEASE announcement BEFORE you download isos, even they were found on any sites.

A snapshot of the final 5.4-RELEASE release documentation can be found at I will commit the final website translation soon.