delphij's Chaos


25 May 2005

ReiserFS 3 ReadOnly support imported

So he has finally (after about six or more months) imported read-only ResierFS, congratulations, dumbbell, you have made a quite impressive change!

Since 6-ism VFS interface is quite different from 5-ism, so this change is not likely to be merged IMO. Read-write is also not likely to be available soon, but anyway, ReiserFS is a nice FS and supporting it is a good move.

Today another GPL kernel has problem with a 4TB RAID5 array, it thought that it is 2.1TB (on boot) and refuse to initialize it with its native file systems, including ReiserFS. On contrary, FreeBSD 5.4 and 6.0 works smoothly with a GENERIC kernel. Oh well…