delphij's Chaos


03 Sep 2005

Negative (false) and Positive (true)

So the world happens to be composite with zeros and ones.

We computer scientists prefer treating the world as a composition of zeros and ones. We use many ways to represent the world, but to the ultimate, everything is represented by zero and one.

However, there are many things that could not be quantized. One thing most notable is the humanity emotion. The representation in computers does not necessarily reflect the truth of the world.

If you want to make some good results from pattern recognition, then it would be good that you have fairly good resolution when scanning the material. If you raise the resolution to a better value, it takes no more than more space, time to recognize, and not better results, since the key of the pattern is hide under the dot matrix, which is near-to-exactly quantization of a 2-dimensional graph.

We need to strike against the plain quantization when analyzing things, by taking more dimensions into the quantization account, by introducing better algorithms, by improving the sampling method, etc., and these, in turn, needs boarder knowledge of other areas.

Recently I am working on a project of writing a better file system with a colleague (a very bright and excellent one). I found that while I can think thoroughly about what the file system would behave and what should be considered by the computer, I fail to see the potential things that the file system would react with human operations, etc.

What should computers do for us? What should we do? I believe that these questions must get resolved before we take some significant steps forward. Being harmless is the minimum, being responsive, reliable, high performance and cost less is the second, but finally, technology must serve everyone to make they live better.

This is what I call “chaos”. You are not expected to understand this.