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22 Sep 2006


今天Qing LI在-developers邮件列表中介绍了他和神明达哉(Tatuya Jinmei)、Keiichi Shima两位KAME重量级人物共同撰写的关于KAME实现的书。从出版社的介绍来看,这本书将于11月正式发布。[更正:作者说,此书应在10月而非11月发布]

以下是Qing LI发表的邮件原文,转载此邮件已征得作者同意。

From: Qing Li qingli@FreeBSD.ORG
To: developers@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject: IPv6 book
Sender: owner-all-developers@FreeBSD.ORG
Precedence: bulk
X-Loop: FreeBSD.ORG


We recently published a book on the KAME implementation and on IPv6 in general. We hope this book could help developers gain better understanding about the KAME code on FreeBSD. The book is titled “IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation” and it is published by Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 0124477518. The link is

Each chapter has in-depth coverage on the specifications as well as line-by-line code walkthrough, which is similar in style to Steven’s TCP/IP Illustrated Volume II.

We would like to thank the FreeBSD community for helping making this book possible. In particular (and in no particular order), we’d like to thank the developers Suzuki Shinsuke, Andre Oppermann, George V. Neville-Neil, and Randall R. Stewart for being our reviewers.

We hope this book could become a useful contribution to the FreeBSD community.

Thank you.
– Qing