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17 Oct 2006



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1.Why write a scientific paper?
* Advance Knowledge in your research field with evidence;
* Explain your ideas;
* Two key components in a research paper:

  • An explicit claim on your contribution on a research problem;
  • Evidence to support your claim;
    * Your contribution can possibly be a refutation of a hypothesis of the present problem.

2.What to claim for a scientific paper? 什么样的观点能够成为科学性论文论述的内容?
* Your technique solves a problem for the first time;
* Your technique performs better in the following aspects:
* Higher success rate 高成功率
* Coverage 覆盖率更高
* Efficiency 你的想法能够提高某问题的效率
* Usability 你的方法更容易让用户接受


3.Typical Structure of a Research Paper
* Title: Catchy and Indicative of your research contribution (吸引眼球并有意义)
* Abstract: include the following items

  • A summary of the research problem;
  • Your claim;
  • The evidence;
  • Introduction: include the following items (the most important part!)
  • Motivation
  • A re-statement of Abstract
  • Significance (重要性)
  • An outline of the rest of the paper
    * Related Work: 与你的论文问题相关的资料
  • A critical review 批判的眼光对待以前及现有的方法
  • 强调你的创新点
    * Problem Statement and algorithm design: explain your idea in detail
    * Evaluation: Evidence to support the claim of your research contribution


* Conclusion & Summary of the research contribution

4. What to know before you write? 写论文前要知道些什么
* Assess the audience:给谁写
* Assess the purpose
* Read other people’s writing from the forums that you are targeting


* Follow the rules


(1)Choose a promising topic 选题很重要

(2)How to present a convincing case?
* What exactly is the problem being solved? 你的文章解决什么问题
* How are your ideas significant?
* Is all related work referenced and reviewed?
* Comparative studies with previous work are needed.
* Has your system implemented? 文章提出解决问题的方法是否实现了

(3)In-Depth Analysis of Empirical Results
写清实验细节Enough details for your experiment settings
实验结果是否一致并有结论性?Are the results consistent & conclusive?

(4) Introduction 前言
* 1/3-2/3 rule from reviewer’s perspective:

  • 1/3 time to read your introduction & make a decision
  • 2/3 time to find the evidence for decision
    * A good introduction with a good motivation is half of your success!
    * Include the following items:

6.How to publish?
Reading and citing relevant paper from the premier forums! (must)

7.How to deal with feedback?
(1)How to deal with Handling Editors?
* Be polite, but to the point;
* Ask for a change, if a clearly biased or unfair case;

(2)How to deal with conflicting review reports?
* 杂志(Journal Submissions):Provide a point-by-point statement of change! 将每个审稿人修改意见列出,并说明所作的修改
* 会议(Conference)

(3)How to deal with 「arrogant」 and 「ignorant」 reviewers?
Provide a gentle statement for the 「unreasonable」 criticisms;
Try and resolve some of their comments 尽量按他们的意愿改
Your attitude to the reviewers is important! 修改稿可以再投

* 文章要有想法和证据;
* 切忌面面俱到
* 明确敌人是谁
* Choose a promising topic
* 实验数据前后是否一致
* 前言很重要
* 引论相关文章 premier forums
* 写详细修改报告
* 用宽容的态度对待审稿意见