delphij's Chaos


11 Apr 2008

OpenBSD 4.3 主题曲----Home to Hypocrisy

不出所料,在 Richard Stallman 在 OpenBSD 邮件列表中对 OpenBSD 进行 毫无根据指责和攻击 之后,OpenBSD 4.3 以地中海风格的 Home to Hypocrisy 还击了。

这次的主题曲仍然是 Jonathan Lewis 作曲并编曲。很有意思的是本次他们所指出的:

In 1998 when a United Airlines plane was waiting in the queue at Chicago Airport for take-off to New Orleans (where a Usenix conference was taking place), one man stood up from his seat, demanded that they stop waiting in the queue and be permitted to deplane. Even after orders from the crew and a pilot from the cockpit he refused to sit down. The plane exited the queue and returned to the airport gangway. Security personnel ran onto the plane and removed this man, Richard Stallman, from the plane. After Richard was removed from the plane, everyone else stayed onboard and continued their journey to New Orleans. A few OpenBSD developers were on that same plane, seated very closeby, so we have an accurate story of the events.


This is the man who presumes that he should preach to us about morality, freedom, and what is best for us. He believes it is his God-given role to tell us what is best for us, when he has shown that he takes actions which are not best for everyone. He prefers actions which he thinks are best for him – and him alone – and then lies to the public. Richard Stallman is no Spock. We release our software in ways that are maximally free. We remove all restrictions on use and distribution, but leave a requirement to be known as the authors. We follow a pattern of free source code distribution that started in the mid-1980’s in Berkeley, from before Richard Stallman had any powerful influence which he could use so falsely.