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19 Jun 2011

记一笔,关于 syslogd

syslogd 的 -8 参数可以让汉字通过。以下摘自 manual page:

     -8      Tells syslogd not to interfere with 8-bit data.  Normally syslogd
             will replace C1 control characters (ISO 8859 and Unicode
             characters) with their "M-x" equivalent.  Note, this option does
             not change the way syslogd alters control characters (see
             iscntrl(3)).  They will always be replaced with their "^x" equiv‐

不过这事有点坑人,为啥默认不 -8 呢?出于安全方面的原因吗?差点就开始改代码了……