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15 Mar 2013

Shutting down my Google+ account 请各位爱用 Google Reader 的同学一起删除自己的 Google+ 账户以示抗议

As many of you already know, Google have recently decided to shut down their Google Reader service, yet another move since the one happen in 2011 to push their – failing, in my opinion – Google+ product.

I have just removed Google+ from my iPhone, and shut down my Google+ account, as a protest sent in the “Please tell us why you’re leaving” box, I say:

This is a protest because of Google’s decision to shut down Google Reader.

Please join me if you are fan of Google Reader and not Google+, please speak up, do so by quitting Google+. I strongly feel regret with the fact that I didn’t speak up vocally the last time they pushed Google+ into Google Reader. We need to speak loudly that, look, Google+ didn’t work well, Google should be focused in fixing that, not to make Google Reader and other products harder to use, to accomplish certain product managers’ KPI.