delphij's Chaos


11 Jan 2023

暂停 Facebook 集成

这几天收到了几次来自 Facebook 的通知,第一次是 “Request for Information/Action” (最早申请时还没有 Privacy Policy,但后来补上了),但过了几天之后系统表示无法完成 compliance review,并直接禁用了该 App。

今天早上先是收到了一封信说有一位 Karen Zuckerman 在我的 blog 上留言,内容是‘aa’, 接下来收到这么封邮件:

delphij's Chaos (XXXXXXXX) appears to be creating a negative experience on
Facebook in violation of our Platform Policies. If you do not make the
changes to get your app into compliance, we will be forced to place a
restriction on your app.

Please check your <contact email> inbox for more information. If you
haven't received an email from us, please ensure that the email address
listed in the App Dashboard under App Settings is correct.

不过我并没有收到内容与此不同的邮件。搜索了一下发现并非个案,例如 1 2

这样一来只好先预防性地停用 Facebook 集成了,等有空再说,下次一定。